Git in Android Studio disappeared?

When I right-clicked in my Android Studio project (in the Android view), I used to have a “Git” submenu. There I could pull, push, etc.

However, that ‘Git’ menu is now gone, somehow. As a result, I can neither push nor pull. Where can I enable that again?

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Try this way ,

  1. In Android Studio enable the version control for the project by, VCS
    –> Enable Version Control Integration
  2. Open command line/terminal and add the project to Git repository by,
    git remote add
  3. Add files by, VCS –> Git –> Add and commit/push by, VCS –> Commit

Checkout Android Studio Git Tutorial link for more detail.

as well as check this Stack Explaination.

In Android Studio, go to ‘File’ –> ‘Settings’ –> ‘Version Control’ –>
‘Git’. Then click ‘Test’ to ensure that Git is configured properly in
Android Studio.

Prior to using Git or any other version control with an existing
project, ‘version control integration’ should be enabled. In Android
Studio, got to ‘VCS’ –> ‘Enable Version Control Integration’. This
step is for an already existing project in Android Studio, that is not
is integrated with any version control.

If you don’t have git repo on your project, just create a git repo on your project folder, something like

git init

and when you have git repo already, just close the project from android studio and re-open it. let android studio to refresh itself…

I find that, if I clone the code with terminal, the Git menu is not among the options of VCS menu.

What I did was:

  1. Click VCS menu.
  2. Checkout from version control.
  3. Select Git.
  4. Fill all the necessary info in the popup window.
  5. After cloning the code, there is a prompt saying Android Studio needs to be restarted. (Just restart it.)
  6. The Git menu should appear after restarting Android Studio.
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