Git ignore all except subfolder

I searched through other questions but can’t find a working solution for my project.
Having a Magento project, I want to exclude everything except this:

/app/design/frontend/default/theme_name # and obviously all subfolders
/skin/frontend/default/theme_name # and all subfolders

I’ve tried a lot of combinations but without luck. Currently I’m stuck with this .gitignore file:

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    But it doesn’t work recursively below the design folder. It only added a test file inside the design folder that I created.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git ignore all except subfolder”

    Look at my answer here: Can't understand how gitignore ignores the folders

    Quoting from that:

    The following discussion was helpful:
    , especially the following from Linus:

    That’s by design. You’ve chosen to ignore those directories; they
    match “*” themselves. Thus, ‘git add .’ doesn’t descend into them
    looking for files.

    So basically, for each level you have to go in, unignore that folder,
    and ignore contents within that folder.

    Also, you should look at having .gitignore at subdirectory rather than at root level only as it becomes pretty complex if you have to go to the subdirectory level from the root .gitignore because of the explanation above, whereby for each level, you have to unignore the folder and then ignore the contents and so on.

    Did some research here. What worked for me was:


    With this subdirectories of /directory were tracked correctly. Curiously it doesn’t work with either only / or only * on the first line – I am not sure why.

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