Git: how to use rebase with theirs strategy

Basically, I just want to (re)set the parent (let’s say to commit A) of a specific commit (commit B) which is the root commit of some branch x. It is suggested here in one of the answers that I can do that via grafts. I will try that later, maybe it’s the better way.

However, before reading this, I thought that this should be possible via rebase. But because the parent commit A differs a bit from B and I just want to stay the whole branch x the way it is, just with setting a parent to its root commit B, I thought I might use the theirs strategy — which doesn’t seem to exist. I have stumbled upon this earlier (and thought it was a bug or in my Git installation) and always just worked-around by switching branches and using the ours strategy. However, with rebase, I am forced to use the theirs strategy in this case.

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  • My command looks like:

    git rebase -s theirs --onto A --root x x--rebased

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    rebase isn’t designed for what you want to do. The other poster was correct; what you want to do is set up a graft to attach B to A, then run git filter-branch to bake it into the commits. An example of this exact use case can be found in the git filter-branch manpage.

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