git: how to push to master an unrelated repo

I had a git repo on bitbucket with a project. Then I decided to completely rewrite the project from scratch. Now, I have a clean working new version of the project I would push it to bitbucked but it say to me that there are merging conflits since the two repo doesn’t have a common history… I have been able to push new version to a different branch but I want that branch to be the master so that it represents the main development history. How can I push a new project to master?

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    Assuming you have a remote to bitbucket called bitbucket, and you are on the branch you want to be pushed to master, you could force push like this:

    git push -f bitbucket master

    You can also use git branch -m to rename the master branch to another one, then rename your different branch to master by using :

    git branch -m master old-master
    git branch -m new-branch master
    git push -f origin master
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