GIT: how to merge two branches without actually merging files (trivial merge)

Is there a way in git to merge two branches without merging file? In other words just to draw the merge arrow.

Let say I have branches A and B. I need to merge branch B to A, but no need all the changes in B, but rather only need to link to branches together.

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  • git checkout A
    git merge B --no need changes

    In general is there a way to merge two branches without submodules. I want to keep submodules as it is in Branch A and still need to merge branch B.


    git merge -s ours BRANCH_NAME worked for me.

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    Use git merge -s ours B to perform a merge discarding any changes B would introduce. Still, the commits from B are now in A, however, the files are at the state of A before the merge.

    You can do a real merge and run git reset ORIG_HEAD --hard to go back.

    If you just want to have a try or study what happens after git merge, you could make a series empty commits by git commit --allow-empty --allow-empty-message --no-edit for several times. After you create the commits and branches, you can run git merge and use gitk or git log --oneline --graph to see the commit graphic.

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