git – How to ignore only one file without extension?

I wish to ignore only one file without extension.
I am able to ignore some files by names, but they all have extensions. Unfortunately I work with some files without extension that should not be ignored; thus, I can not use the solution provided here How do I add files without dots in them (all extension-less files) to the gitignore file?.

Does anybody know a way to achieve this?
Any help is appreciated.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git – How to ignore only one file without extension?”

    You might be making this more complex than it has to be. This could possibly be due to the answer you cited which ignores all extensionless files. To ignore a file without an extension does not appear to be very different than ignoring a file with an extension. To ignore your single file without an extension add this to your .gitignore:


    If the file had an extension, you would just add this:

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