Git, how to automatize history collapse with rebase

I use a combination of these 2 articles to collapse my Git history : Collapsing a git repository's history and Combine the first two commits of a Git repository?

This is the result

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  • git rebase -i THE_SHA_1_OF_FIRST_COMMIT
    # change "pick" into "squash" for all commits except first one
    # :wq (if your editor is vi)
    git rebase -i THE_SHA_1_OF_FIRST_COMMIT
    # change "pick" into "edit"
    # :wq (if your editor is vi)
    git reset --soft HEAD^
    git commit --amend
    git rebase --continue
    # garbage collect
    git reflog expire --expire=1.minute refs/heads/master
    git fsck --unreachable
    git prune
    git gc

    This work great but as I use this quite often, I wish to automatize this in a script.
    The problem is some commands like “git rebase -i” open a file to edit and I have to do it manually (same problem for “git commit –amend”). Is there a way to automatize this process? I’m not asking for a solution ready to use, just the idea.

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    I got it working using the command git config --global core.editor to send the list of commits to a script instead of the default editor. Feels a bit dirty (and maybe not optimized) but it works, and now I can collapse the history of my repositories within one command!

    You need 2 bash scripts.

    First script, the script that’s used instead of the editor. Parses all lines and replace ‘pick’ by (argument 1) from line #(argument 2) in file (argument 3).

    # ./ replacewith fromindex filename
    echo $FILE
    if [ -f $FILE ]
        echo "" > $OUTPUT
        cat $FILE | while read line
            if [[ "$line" == pick* ]]
                matchcount=$(($matchcount + 1))
                if [ $matchcount -gt $FROMINDEX ]
                    echo ${line/pick/$REPLACEWITH} >> $OUTPUT
                    echo $line >> $OUTPUT
                echo $line >> $OUTPUT
        newfilecontent=`cat $OUTPUT`
        echo $newfilecontent > $FILE

    And the bash script calling the git commands :

    # Collapse all commits on second commit
    `git config --global core.editor "/Users/macbook/Documents/GitTests/ squash 1"`
    `git rebase -i $1`
    `git rebase --continue`
    # Collapse 2 commits on one
    `git config --global core.editor "/Users/macbook/Documents/GitTests/ edit 0"`
    `git rebase -i $1`
    `git reset --soft HEAD^`
    `git config --global core.editor "cat"`
    `git commit --amend`
    `git rebase --continue`
    # garbage collect
    `git reflog expire --expire=1.minute refs/heads/master`
    `git fsck --unreachable`
    `git prune`
    `git gc`
    # restore your favorite editor
    `git config --global core.editor "vi"`

    Then you execute /path/to/ SHA1_OF_FIRST_COMMIT and you’re done! Hope it helps some of you too.

    You should look at git merge --squash which will merge and squash all the commits onto your current branch without actually making a commit. You can then check and commit.

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