Git hosting with personal namespaces

I like the way that in launchpad if I want to host an app of little use to the public (like, say, a program which prints dots to the console, the count of them depending on which hour it is) I don’t have to litter the global hosting site’s namespace and fill it up with names such as HourDot but I can put it in my own personal namespace ~username/+junk/HourDot.

Putting all the branches without hierarchy feels like putting everything in one big directory.

Is there a git hosting site where I get to have a namespace for such small apps? Ease of creating and deleting temporary branches also interests me.

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    Hosting sites such as GitHub and Gitorious embed username or name of fork in path (name) of repository (or a fork), e.g. on GitHub (with username “jnareb” embedded in the name of repository), or on Gitorious (with name of fork “mainline” embedded in full name of repository).

    Git allows arbitrary names (including deeper hierarchy) for git repositories, which can be seen in names such as (in git/ “namespace”).

    Note that most git hosting sites (see e.g. provide free service for public repositories only.

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