git hooks : is there a clone hook?

We want to store some meta-information about the commit in an external database. During a clone or a checkout, this database should be referred and we copy the meta information to a file in the repo which is cloned. The database is required rather than just using a file is for the sake of indexing and searches etc …

I thought if there is a clone hook, we could trigger this. I couldn’t find the clone hooks in the sample in .git/hooks. is there one? is post-checkout hook the only possibility at client side?

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    ok, one way to do this is to use the clone --template option.

    Specify the location where the client side hooks will be stored as value to the --template switch. The hooks are copied to the clone, and the post-checkout hook is fired immediately!

    When you clone a remote repository, you can’t run any client-side hooks because hooks are local to your working copy, and you’re creating one from scratch. When you pull new changes from a remote repository, git will run your local post-merge hook if it exists.

    There is nothing run on the server as the result of a pull operation. A push operation will trigger the servers’s update and post-update hooks.

    See the Git Book for more information.

    No, there isn’t any clone hook.

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