git hook script output is added with annoying “[K” postfix

We have a git server that is using msysgit 1.7.11,

We have a setup where we added a post receive hook script,

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    this executable is going back to git and through our server back to the client with an annoying “[K” postfix (that is not shown in the console but it does in tools like “git gui”


    remote: New deployment received.[K
    remote: Updating branch 'master'.[K

    Any way to fix this and remove the “[K” postfix?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git hook script output is added with annoying “[K” postfix”

    My psychic debugging skills indicate that this [K is probably part of a terminal escape sequence used for clearing to the end of the line (see It sounds like this is probably being generated by the .NET executable as it displays its status messages (which on a normal console, would overwrite one another instead of appearing on separate lines).

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