git gitolite (v3) pre-receive hook for all commit messages

I am trying to enforce a policy where each push gets rejected when even one of the commit messages does not satisfy a rule. I’ve distributed a hook to the devs in order for them to use it in their local repos but I also want to enforce this when they push to the origin.

I have two questions:

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    1. Should I use the update hook or the pre-receive hook? (I’ve tried to setup an update.secondary hook but it seems to me it doesn’t get fired, while a pre-receive does).

    2. How can I get the message for each commit contained in the push? More specifically, I want each commit message to have a specific “valid” (for my needs) prefix. So I would like to scan for every commit in this push the commit message and validate it before I accept the push.

    I am using simple bash to code the hooks.


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  • One Solution collect form web for “git gitolite (v3) pre-receive hook for all commit messages”

    Instead of using chained update hook, I would recommend using VREFS, available with Gitolite V3.
    You can see all its arguments here.

    Since a VREF is basically like a git update hook, you can, like in this script, get the log message for each commits with git log --format=%s -1 $commit:

    Example of a script enforcing a policy on git commit messages:

    # Make sure we handle the situation when the branch does not exist yet
    if ! [ "$oldrev" = "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" ] ; then
        excludes=( ^$oldrev )
        excludes=( $(git for-each-ref --format '^%(refname:short)' refs/heads/) )
    # Get the list of incomming commits
    commits=`git rev-list $newrev "${excludes[@]}"`
    # For every commit in the list
    for commit in $commits
      # check the log message for ticket number
      message=`git log --format=%s -1 $commit`
      ticket=`echo "$message" | grep -o "^[A-Z]\{2,3\}-[0-9]\+"`
      if [ "$ticket" = "" ] ; then
        echo "Commit $commit does not start with a ticket number"
    exit $result

    cwhsu mentions in the comments:

    • if you’re trying to write a server side hook with shell script, You probably want to take a look at “Can git pre-receive hooks evaluate the incoming commit?”.
      I finally get the oldrev, newrev and refname by using read in shell script.

    • And here is also what all-zeros SHA1 means.

    • this line “excludes=( ^$oldrev )“, the ‘^‘ simply means exclude!

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