Git for windows constantly corrupting

I’m building an app using jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Exporting with Xcode and source control with GIT for windows.

I’m obviously doing something seriously wrong because after 5-10 commits the repository becomes corrupt and I can’t use it any more, this is the 5th or 6th time, my app is getting pretty advanced, and I have NO RECORD whatsoever of the changes made over time. In fact at this point source control for this app is a lost cause.

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  • The commits are not extraordinary, in fact I could change a line or two and it will work splendidly, the next line or two: Failed to Commit!

    Is anyone having this issue, have you figured out why?

    Actually trying a commit yields:

    commit failed – Failed to create a new commit

    git fsck yields:

    Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
    broken link
    from tree ‘long alphanumeric’
    to tree ‘long alphanumeric’
    dangling blob ‘long alphanumeric’
    dangling tree ‘long alphanumeric’
    dangling blob
    ‘long alphanumeric’
    dangling blob ‘long alphanumeric’
    blob ‘long alphanumeric’
    dangling blob ‘long alphanumeric’
    missing tree ‘long alphanumeric’

    I have restarted my repo about a dozen times and this will happen half-way through the day every time…

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git for windows constantly corrupting”

    • You have to test your repository with git fsck,
    • You can clone repo in some another location and try to work with clone
    • You can change Git-client (maybe it will help, but I doubt it)
    • You can send Git to trash and use another SCM

    Use GitExtensions – way better and functional!

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