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I have a massive repository – it’s more than a gigabyte. Cloning the repository takes hours. However, most of that size is because of a data directory that isn’t needed to work on the project locally. However, I certainly don’t have the authority to simply remove the directory from the repository.

Is there any way to apply a filter to the repository before it’s cloned, so that I only download the files I actually need to work on?

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    No, by design of git that is absolutely not possible. You will have to change the central repository.

    As an interim solution you could create a new branch, filter only this branch and do a empty merge from master to your branch. Now people can clone just your branch and work on it. You will then have to merge to master somewhere. But since you added that empty merge, you can now merge between those two branches whenever you want – as long as you don’t change the data directory on master.

    edit: Sry, the empty merge would defeat the whole purpose, as clients would then again pull down all the data.

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