Git – file flags conflict

I’m using bitbucket and end up with a conflict, code is perfectly same, but when I try to merge

I’m getting “file flags conflict”, I’ve tried to google but didn’t find much information about that particular issue, maybe anyone can give me a clue what I need to look for?

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  • I’ve compare permissions and it’s the same on both files.

    Thank you.


    I did next:

    1. Pushed my local changes to the remote repository. Everything went okay.
    2. Created pull-request to the main repository.
    3. When owner tried to accept pull-request “file flags conflict” appeared.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git – file flags conflict”

    That seems to be a BitBucket server issue, when merging from a fork (like accepting a Pull Request).
    See for instance this bug report.

    I always merge local. Have you tried?

    • add the remote: git remote add kfsone
    • and than you can just: git pull kfsone master

    Merging locally does the trick.

    So if this is a conflict shown by BitBucket on the server side, try cloning and merging locally first, then push back to the remote repo.

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