GIT extensions does not connect to remote but git bash does

I actually connect to a remote repository and can do so using git bash
but not using gitextensions.

git bash asks me for my password but GIT extensions does not. Does
anyone have an idea why this will be the case?

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  • This is from GIT bash, which asks for my password whereas the GIT extensions does not ask for my password.

    $ git pull
    Password for '':

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GIT extensions does not connect to remote but git bash does”

    Try this:

    1. Open the Git Extensions main window
    2. Go to Settings -> Settings
    3. On the “Checklist”, is “Git credential helper is installed” green or red?
    4. If red, click the repair button.

    This fixed it for me. I’m using Git Extensions version 2.44

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