Git Error: unable to find

I get the following error when I do a git pull origin master.

error: Unable to find a47058d09b4ca436d65609758a9dba52235a75bd under
Cannot obtain needed blob a47058d09b4ca436d65609758a9dba52235a75bd
while processing commit 041d57dd5bed9d6c75fe7cce944b2b2904ae3a62.
error: Fetch failed.

Everything has been working fine up until a few minutes ago. I did not do anything out of hte ordinary. I’ve been doing my usual commit push and pull, and now I’m suddenly getting this error.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git Error: unable to find”

    Like Adam said, recover the object frmo another repository/clone.

    Don’t forget to take into account packs. So, a more generalized procedure is this:

    On a ‘complete’ git database

    git cat-file -p a47058d09b4ca436d65609758a9dba52235a75bd > tempfile

    and on the receiving end

    git hash-object -w tempfile

    copy objects from your directory (.git/objects) and other people that work on a clone of this repo. One object got zapped so this should fix it.

    Here is more about moving objects around:

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