git error – can't push to github – pack-objects died of signal 9

I added some files to the repo, committed, and attempted to push to Github:

$ git add .  
$ git commit -m 'bla'  
$ git push origin master

I am getting an error when I try to push to Github.

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  • Counting objects: 84, done.  
    Delta compression using up to 2 threads.  
    error: pack-objects died of signal 9  
    error: failed to push some refs to ''

    All was working fine before I went on vacation 2 weeks ago. Nothing has changed in the interim as far as I know. The config file seems to be fine. And git push -f also generates the same errors as above.

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    Try this:

    git config --global pack.windowMemory "32m"

    I’m quite convinced you have a local problem and it’s nothing to do with GitHub.
    A git push consists of the following steps:

    • local: delta compression of objects
    • net: Writing new compressed objects to remote repo via SSH
    • net: update refs in remote repo via SSH

    Quite clearly, it’s the first step that fails. You might be out of memory/swap?

    Had this problem pushing to Gitlab.

    Fixed it by adding .* to my .gitignore

    i.e. ignored all files/folders e.g. .git beginning with .

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