git equivalent for –all for all non-remote branches?

The --all parameter is used in various git commands to refer to all branches. Is there an equivalent for all non-remote branches?

(Specifically, this came up using git-filter-branch, I’d like to work on all local branches.)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git equivalent for –all for all non-remote branches?”

    UPDATE To the edit:

    The following worked on a test repo with local and remote branches, rewriting only local branches:

    git filter-branch --tag-name-filter cat -- --glob=refs/heads/*

    (the cat tag name filter is just an example, obviously)

    The --glob option is documented under man git-rev-parse for your information.

    git branch

    will already list all local branches.

    Then, there is also

    git for-each-ref -- --glob=refs/heads/*

    for local refs

    git for-each-ref -- --glob=refs/remotes/*/*

    for remote refs

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