Git Diff to Perforce?

We have a Perforce repository and we later switched to Git. Still we have a release branch that is in perforce and now, I need to apply some of the git commits to the perforce branch.

According to what I have read, it seems this can be done by doing a git diff, creating a patch and then applying to the perforce code base. But, I have seen any concrete example. Could anyone help me on this? Thanks.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Diff to Perforce?”

    You can form a patch from git history with a simple git diff <point1>..<point2> > the_diff.patch and then apply that patch to your working tree using patch -p1 <the_diff.patch and commit the changes to perforce.

    Also you could form a sequence of git commits as separate patch files using git format-patch <point1>..<point2> and apply them sequentally if you wish.

    There’s git-p4 tool to import/export commits from/to git and perforce repositories, but I haven’t use it so far.

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