git diff between 2 revisions included

I’m doing a :

git diff --diff-filter=AM --name-only 59ade6e..c1fc4d8

The 59ade6e hash is a commit where I added all my files (my first commit).

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  • But when I execute my command it seems that it doesn’t contain these added files. How can really include my hash revision to this diff ?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “git diff between 2 revisions included”

    If 59ade6e is your root commit, you are probably looking for this command:

    git ls-tree --name-only -r 59ade6e

    Use the ~1 notation:

    git diff --diff-filter=AM --name-only 59ade6e~1..c1fc4d8

    This will do the diff between the commit previous to 59ade6e and c1fc4d8

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