Git: compare diffs of two commits

I have 2 commits and suspect them introduce same difference. I want compare diffs introduced by these commits (not commits itself).

I can do this with next commands

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  • $ git show ad7cfab50e63784bb3168a61101c4f17726b98f1 > d1
    $ git show 4ec2d3d981948542111a04172c1d21a5524991f2 > d2
    $ diff d1 d2

    But may be more convenient way exists?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git: compare diffs of two commits”

    You can skip the temporary files with process substitution:

    diff <(git show ad7cf) <(git show 4ec2d3)

    It’s probably not as simple as you’d wish, but simpler.

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