Git Commands at a Glance

I need a full git command and function sheet. I’ve found the git book, which is explanatory, seen some “cheat sheets” but they are limited. And within git, there seems to be a menu of commands with brief explanations, but I want a full blown list of ALL commands, and there functions. I did see that someone else’s post about a cheat sheet was closed, but I am not just looking for some cheat sheet. I am looking for a command and function sheet that will layout ALL Git Commands, and see the programs full functionality. I don’t think this post is a non-productive, or mute topic, but I am a noob.

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    Why not just go through git help <command> for each command? Get all git commands via git help --all. I have to warn you, there is a crap load of stuff there and I would think it would be overwhelming and not the best way to get your head around all the functionality, but I would admire your desire to do so. (and don’t forget about git help -g to view the guides as well.)

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