Git Command Does not Work in Windows CMD

I am trying the below command in Windows CMD for Bitnami Gitlab VM machine at Windows 10.

git clone git@

It works in Git Bash but the same command does not work for Windows CMD.

I suspect when used in Windows CMD ssh is looking for wrong keys and the output is:

Permission denied (publickey)

The command works in Git Bash terminal but I like to use Windows CMD.

How can I fix the issue?

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    I suspect when used in Windows CMD ssh is looking for wrong key

    You don’t have to suspect. You can see it.

    Check that:

    • your PATH does reference <git>/usr/bin
    • where ssh is indeed ssh.exe from <git>/usr/bin
    • HOME is set to the parent folder of your .ssh is

    Then type:

    ssh -Tv git@

    If the wrong ssh key is used, defines it in a .ssh/config file.

    Host mygitserver
       User git
       IdentityFile "/C/path/to/my/private/key"

    You need to set the HOME so that the CMD will be able to find your ssh keys under the .ssh folder

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