Git – Color words excluding {}

I am using git with –color-words to view my diff. In my diff, it shows that I removed


And that I added:

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    This is larger than what I would like it to be (I want the word boundary to be at the {}). I tried playing around with --word-diff-regex, but I couldn’t find a regex to make it work. How can I achieve this result?

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    From git help diff:

           Use <regex> to decide what a word is, instead of considering runs of non-whitespace to be a word. Also implies
           --word-diff unless it was already enabled.

    The following expression will make a word be any string of characters and underscore, or any non-whitespace character.

    $ git diff --color-words --word-diff-regex='\\w+|[^[:space:]]'

    Since you already use --color-words, you don’t need to supply --word-diff-regex separately, the first option accepts a regex:


    Equivalent to --word-diff=color plus --word-diff-regex=<regex>
    (if a regex was specified).

    A regex that works particularly well for me is:

    $ git diff --color-words='\w+|.'
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