git cloning behind proxy — different behavior, same command

I researched for this problem but didn’t find anything helpful. What I don’t understand is that the error keeps changing. I am trying to clone a repository using

git clone gr-osmosdr

and I get two different errors at different times:

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    1. Complains too many open files. (error: unable to ope object pack directory. fatal: failed to read object XXXXXXX: too many open files)
    2. couldn’t connect to proxy (couldn’t connect proxy at mycompanyproxy (curl_result=7, http_code=0, sha1 = YYYYYYYY)

    I did set the environment variable



    git config --global http.proxy mycompanyproxy:1080

    I did verify values of the variables too.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git cloning behind proxy — different behavior, same command”

    Try setting only environment variable or git config settings.

    you can see both approaches set in “Only use a proxy for certain git urls/domains?”

    set http_proxy=http://username:password@proxydomain:port
    set https_proxy=http://username:password@proxydomain:port

    Make sure to not use quotes, and don’t forget the no_proxy one:

    set no_proxy=localhost, 
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