Git Clone – Repository not found

git clone <url>

is given the below message fatal: repository ‘url’ not found

I have tried the below options in the url. But dint work, please suggest any more approaches.

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    Most probably, your URL is not valid.

    If it is a http/https URL, you can quickly check, by hammering the URL into a browser. If that does not display anything at all, you know that the URL is invalid.

    I assume you are speaking of a remote repository. The URLs should look somewhat like these: if you're using HTTPS if you're using SSH

    As mentioned by others the error may occur if the url is wrong.

    However, the error may also occur if the repo is a private repo and you do not have access or wrong credentials.

    Instead of

    git clone


    git clone

    On macOS it’s possible that the cached credentials in the Keychain that git is retrieving are wrong.
    It can be an outdated password or that it used the wrong credentials.

    To update the credentials stored in OS X Keychain

    Follow the instructions at:

    If you want to verify this is the problem you can run clone with tracing.

    $ GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git clone

    Look for the header line “Authorization: Basic BASE64STRING” .
    Take the base64 string and decode it to check what username:password was used.

    $ echo <the key> | base64 --decode

    Verify it’s the right username password you expected to use.

    I was also having same issue. I was trying to clone the repo which was private and my git installed in osx has keychain which was not allowing me to clone the repo…

    I tried

    git clone 

    but it didn’t work as my password was containing the field @.

    I just ran

    git credential-osxkeychain erase

    command and press enter and it worked perfectly fine. Actually you need to remove the keychain already stored in the osx.

    On github you can have the main repository and subfolders. Make sure that the URL that you are using is that of the main repository and not that of a folder. The former will succeed and the latter will produce the repository not found error. If you have a doubt you are in a subfolder, navigate up the repository chain till you find a page which actually specified the https URL and use that.

    For me

    git clone


    I think this mainly happens because Private repo can’t be accessed directly.

    You may need to create an empty file named git-daemon-export-ok within the repository directory.

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