Git clone for Windows working with Direct Access

I have a laptop that has Direct Access enabled . I am using Windows 7 . The version of git client is

D:\projects\directaccess>git –version git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0

The git server I am running is gitLab 7.0

When I am inside the corporate network everything works fine .
When I am outside the corporate network

  • I am able to access the git repository using http interface .
  • But the git clone command does not work . It says host cannot be resolved .

My understanding based on this excellent article ( ) is that the git client is not using the NRPT ( Name Resolution Policy Table )

Some additional tips :

  • ping works
  • putty works
  • nslookup DOES NOT work (unless i add a -server option pointing to the DNS64 address as mentioned in the article )

So question is :

  • How to get git clone working ?

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