Git checkout to specific directory

So, currently I am working on merging two branches, A and B.

I’m merging into branch B, but I had restructured the project into different directories and would like to do a git checkout A --path/fileToGet of sorts (to overwrite is the intention) but into a different directory in my branch. To keep revision history for the file, what would be the best thing, do I just checkout the file like normal, rm my current file and then git mv (or maybe just a regular mv and maybe git will follow` it? Or is there a better method to follow?

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  • I had found in some comments here at SO that when using git diff A:path/file B:anotherPath/file I am able to compare the two files, so I’m thinking there might be another way, using the : to specify from where, to where.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git checkout to specific directory”

    rm the current directory and then used git checkout A --path/to/old/location to check the old file location out.

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