Git checkout <latest branch you were working on> command

Is there a command to permit checkout the last branch? Like:

git checkout --recent

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  • or

    git checkout --previous

    The idea is when you switch branch too often you it’s easy to forget the branch you were working before the current one. Also if there’s a way to set a alias for this that would be valide.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git checkout <latest branch you were working on> command”

    What you’re looking for is -

    git checkout -

    For example, say you’re on branch foo, and there exists a branch bar.

    * foo

    Check out bar

    > git checkout bar
    * bar

    Going back to foo

    > git checkout -
    * foo

    The - “shortcut” also works for the cd and ls commands from within a bash terminal.

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