git cat-file -p master^{tree} errors out in zsh

In documentation, under git objects chapter, it uses the command below, but trying it out gives me “zsh: no matches found: master^{tree}”. Any idea what’s incorrect?

git cat-file -p master^{tree}

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    I’ve found that when specifying those more tricky git revision parameters, I have to quote them

    git cat-file -p "master^{tree}"

    while leaving out the " fails.

    This behavior and and the reason for it varies with the platform:

    • On Windows, in PowerShell and cmd.exe, ^ is used for escaping. There, you can alternatively write git cat-file -p master^^{tree}
    • In zsh ^ is a globbing character
    • In bash the command works without quotes

    (thanks to Wumpus Q. Wumbley and kostix for explanations)

    You can run noglob whatever if you want to run whatever without globbing. I have it defined as an alias for rake, for instance.

    Need to clone a project before executing that step in Windows.

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