Git – Can you find what client was used to push?

There are multiple ways to commit and push git commits.

  • command line
  • browser editor (github, gitlab)
  • sourcetree (Update: sourcetree does support –signoff)
  • tower
  • github desktop

By looking at public history of a repo on github, is there any way to determine what percentage of git commits were made with the command line vs a git gui tool?

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  • Reasoning

    We are trying to determine how detrimental it would be to mandate that users commit with git commit --signoff (Instead of contributor license agreements). No git gui tools I’ve found support --signoff

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git – Can you find what client was used to push?”

    No, there isn’t. Git commits do not capture or store this information.

    A Git commit contains a tree ref, an author string, a committer string, a time stamp and a commit message. Nothing else.

    You can inspect the contents of a commit (as in, these five pieces of data captured by a commit, not the tree it points to) using

    $ git cat-file -p <commit_id>
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