git: branches disappearing after reset

Here’s what I did:

I merged the kernel_common/android-3.0 into my main local branch.

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  • Then I wanted to reset to Linux 3.0.13, so I looked into the history and found this

    Problem is, the Android commits appear as untracked changes when resetting (aka. I loose all the commits).

    See the image above, when I reset to a yellow commit I “loose” the blue ones, and vice-versa.

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    That is perfectly correct that way.

    The yellow commits do not contain the blue one and vice versa.

    A reset just makes you branch pointing to the new commit, i.e. it will contain only the code at that point in time and does not know anything about a later merge.

    If you want to have a new state combining a blue state with a yellow one, just merge those commits:

    git checkout -b mybranch $blue_SHA1
    git merge $yellow_SHA1

    I finally got it: did a git reset to the Android commit then merged the Linux commit.


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