git branch roll back to previous commits

I have got two branches (master and secondary) at most recent commit. I need the older commit ed state ( 2 unit backward) and so want my secondary branch to move back two commits.

How do I do it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git branch roll back to previous commits”

    git branch -f secondary secondary~2

    This will only change the commit which the branch references and does not interact with the worktree. as such it’s a bit safer than going the git reset route. It will not work if the branch is currently checked out, but this is easily solved by switching to another branch, creating a temporary branch, or detaching HEAD (git checkout HEAD^{}). Another possibility would be to use git checkout -B secondary secondary~2, but this will change your worktree.

    don’t do this, if your secondary branch was already pushed and was publicly available

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