GIT: Better method of setting up fresh repo

With creating a fresh git repo, I am wanting to know what is best practice. Ether creating the git repo locally and pushed, or remotely and pulled.

Method 1

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  • Local machine (inside whatever project folder)

    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m 'initial commit'
    git remote add origin <server-repo-url>
    git push --all origin

    Or is it better practice to set up the repo on the server and then pull from it onto your local machine?

    Method 2

    Remote server

    mkdir myrepo.git
    cd myrepo.git
    git --bare init

    Or does it even matter?

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    It doesn’t particularly matter. Git is designed to allow the equivalent repositories to be shared between clients and servers. So long as your client(s) are fully configured to work with a repository on the server, they’re both great.

    Doesn’t matter. Either repo can be discarded once both are up and running.

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