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I’m extremely new to the command line and just programming in general. I use windows, and I’m doing prep work for viking code school. In one of the lessons it asks us to use the ‘open’ command in Git Bash (we were to download Git Bash if we weren’t on Linux or Mac) which will not work for me. When I type it, I get the error “bash: open: command not found”, how can I fix this or work around it? Thank you

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    No you can’t use open on windows. I think the closest to open in windows will be explorer, which will open the file using default associated windows programs.

    open isn’t a shell command or a program name, it is a system call.

    On Unix, Unix-like and other POSIX-compliant operating systems, popular system calls are open, read, write, close, wait, exec, fork, exit, and kill.

    Git for Windows is based on mingw64, and open() is not a system call on Windows. Simply calls an editor or a bash command to open the file.

    cat file.txt
    more file.txt
    /path/to/editor.exe file.txt # like sublimeText.exe

    Julix adds an example illustrating a Windows path:

    /c/WINDOWS/system32/notepad.exe file.txt(<- change that to your file)

    look commands are little different in unix terminal and windows command prompt..
    solution would be
    1) Download git from this will convert your linux command to windows command
    2) What is the command ..?? post it as well .. may be we can help

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