Git Bash giving sh.exe: ruby: command not found

I am using Git Bash on Windows Vista Business. I am trying to install Redmine. Basically on step 4, I need to get RubyGem installed before I install the bundler as part of the dependency install ( I downloaded from Then I unzipped the file a folder on my desktop.

In Git Bash, I typed ruby setup.rb, I get sh.exe: ruby: command not found. Is it something related to the PATH environment? If so, how do I include it so that Git Bash will see the setup file and run it?

Ruby 1.9.3- p545 is already installed.

Thanks in advance.

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    If you already installed ruby, you have to include correct path.

    Right click My Computer, click Properties, go to Advanced System Settings left navigation, click on Environment Variables... button, go to System Variables below, select Path, click Edit and in the beginning of the path enter: C:\Ruby200\bin; (Please note that in here you should indicate the ruby executable path. In case you installed ruby using Ruby installer for windows then the above mentioned path is correct).

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