Git Bash bash: open: command not found

I’m new to Git Bash, just freshly downloaded this for use in my class today, on the first class module it ask me to cd in to different directory and ls the content which works perfectly fine in Git Bash, then it ask me to open a file in a folder with the command:


then this error message show up:

bash: open: command not found

I know I cd in to the correct folder, and ls does shows the the file, this is a freshly installed and most updated Git Bash, can’t imagine there would be a missing link or altered in this program… what can I do? please help thank you!

I’m using Windows 8 with Git for windows

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Bash bash: open: command not found”

    bash: open: command not found

    This error message is trying to tell you that there is no such command called “open”. There’s nothing wrong with the

    • OSX – open is a universal opener in OSX
    • Linux – has xdg-open
    • Windows – use start

    But you don’t need to take the instructions literally. It’s not really important how you open the readme file. You can open it with the less command to view the content inside the terminal, or you can open it with notepad for editing in a text editor.

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