Git Bash (1.9.0) using Windows Explorer intergration crashes folder explorer

Every time i open Git Bash from a folder the folder crashes and cant be used until the Git Bash has been closed. Once the Git Bash is closed the folder starts responding.
I’m using 1.9.0 Git version(latest).
Running Windows 8.
I’ll be happy to provide system specs if needed.
I can’t upload images because of lack of reputation points, if someone has difficulty understanding the problem here is a detailed explanation of what im doing :

  1. Windows key + E -> open folder explorer
  2. Right click(select Git Bash from dropdown menu)
  3. Starting Git Bash results in this folder being unusable.

This happens everywhere, if i start Git Bash from the desktop, desktop doesn’t respond until Git Bash has been closed.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Bash (1.9.0) using Windows Explorer intergration crashes folder explorer”

    This bug is fixed in 1.9.2 (latest version as of now). Download here.


    This is a reported bug, with a fix already – not sure when it will be released as a windows install yet.

    To fix this problem in git 1.9.0 you must uninstall/reinstall. On reinstalling select the following options.

    [x] Windows Explorer integration
       (*) Simple context menu (Registry based)
         [x] Git Bash Here
         [x] Git GUI Here
    ( ) Advanced context menu (git-cheetah plug-in)

    This way, the bug with the git-cheetah plugin will longer present itself.

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