git assume-unchanged implications

Say I have a file which is tracked by git and at some point I want my local repository to ignore the changes I make to this file. This is, if I understand correctly, the case to use (link1;link2)

git update-index --assume-unchanged

My question is, what happens with this file in case there are changes on a remote repository? Will the changes be reflected in my local copy?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git assume-unchanged implications”

    The “assume-unchanged” bit is stored in your index, not in the repository itself. Thus fetch/pull/push do not propagate that setting to or from other repositories, which means it is a local setting. Users of other clones of the repository may very well create new commits involving that file. I’m not sure there’s a “simple” answer regarding how to deal with this scenario, as it depends on what exactly you’re trying to do, and what is being done in other repositories.

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