git + assembla + multiple ssh keys/multiple computers

I have multiple computers working on the same project, and I’m using a free assembla git repo account to manage all this.

In order to access the git repo, I need to generate unique SSH keys on each computer.
However, a computer might be working on other assembla projects as well, so there seems to be a conflict whenever I generate a new ssh key (like I have to keep replacing the id_rsa files).
Once I recreate the id_rsa files (and replace them) on a local machine, it loses access to the previous assembla git projects using the previously-generated ssh key.

I’m fairly new to the whole git business, and trying to learn as I go.

I found something that sounded like a solution to my problem:
“Different SSH keys for different projects”

However, I don’t understand how to do #1? It says to “place somewhere in $PATH this script (let its name will be gitssh)”, but I don’t know what/where “$PATH” is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git + assembla + multiple ssh keys/multiple computers”

    You can create as many public/private ssh key as you want.
    Simply don’t use the default names id_rsa and

    However, not using the default naming convention means ssh, by default, won’t find your keys.
    You need to define in your ~/.ssh directory a config file, where you will indicate what private key to use:

    Host myproject1
        HostName server1
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/project1.rsa
        User username

    You can then push to myproject1 if you have added myproject1 as a remote.
    See also “Unable to Git-push master to Github” for ssh troubleshooting, and “Specify an SSH key for git push without using ~/.ssh/config” for adding your ssh address as a remote.

    You can add to the ~/.ssh/config file as many address as you need, each one referring a private key that you can name as you want.

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