Git archive of repository with uncommitted changes

How can I create an archive of the current repository including local uncommitted changes using git archive?

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    I know this is old, but I think I found a solution.


    stashName=`git stash create`;
    git archive <options> $stashName

    Since git wants a solid commit to make an archive, we can make a ‘one off’ commit using git stash. The create command just creates the stash commit (doesn’t reset your working directory or push it to the stash stack) and returns the hash for it.

    If you are worried about the space from the dangling commit, you can clean it up with a git gc --prune=now. Otherwise, just wait 2 weeks and it’ll disappear.

    Improving nevsan’s answer for my purpose – to archive latest code in any case (committed or not):

    uploadStash=`git stash create`; git archive -o ${uploadStash:-HEAD}

    If you haven’t committed the changes, then git archive won’t help you. If you just want a snapshot of your working area, tar is probably your best bet.

    Another solution with git ls-files :

    git ls-files | xargs tar -czvf archive.tar.gz
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