git apply changes from one commit onto another branch

I want to do something similar to git rebase but without collapsing parallel commits.

Let’s say I have the following commits:

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  •   B (bar)
    A-C-D (foo)

    Now I want to take the changes that D introduced to C in branch foo, and apply them to B in branch bar. so that I end up with the following:

      B-E (bar)
    A-C-D (foo)

    Where the difference between commits B and E is equal to difference between commits C and D. Is this possible? Is there a way to do it without creating a patch?

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    git checkout -b mergebranch B
    git cherry-pick D

    If the last commit on the branch that you want to cherry-pick out of (foo in the example) is a merge commit, you can point at the specific commit to cherry pick by using git cherry-pick branchname~1 to get the commit which was the parent of the merge.

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