Git app that creates libraries from a subset of a project

Is there a git application (ui that generates editable data configuration or I suppose command line working) that allows you to select a subset of files to publish as a git project? The use case for this being:

Let’s say you have your main shared library under a src directory. It would be greatly beneficial to be able to manage this src directory internally as a single repository while being able to publish a sub package/module located in said directory publicly. Copying and managing the applicable commits to this subset of available classes would be a huge pain.

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    Have you looked into git submodules? This lets you collect multiple repositories together into a single directory tree, and is often used in the case where you are managing separate libraries/modules as a separate project. Some people think that submodules are problematic to manage.

    The git subtree project is an alternative take on this that may also meet your needs.

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