git and hardlink in linux

I have a git repo test, and a file (zsh config file), and

ln ~/.zshrc test/zshrc

then I changed .zshrc file,the zshrc file in git repo didn’t change,is that git cannot deal with hardlink?

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    You can’t make¹ hard links outside a git repository. You have several choices:

    • Make ~/.zshrc a symbolic link to my-home-git-checkout/zshrc.
    • Keep a git checkout in your home directory.
    • Copy the file from your git checkout to your home directory, perhaps automatically upon a commit or checkout.

    ¹ Yeah, ok, quibble: you can’t keep.

    Git always assumes that he is a only owner of a file inode.
    So git checkout just breaks all hard links.

    Try adding the following script into /path/to/repo/.git/hooks/post-checkout (this file must be executable):

    /bin/ln -sf /path/to/repo/zshrc $HOME/.zshrc
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