Git and egit conflict about file mode 10064 although filemode is set to false

Resembles to

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but is most likely a different problem.

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  • System is win7 x64.

    The problem

    Although filemode is false, msysgit keeps keeps seeing changes with deleted file mode 100644 or new file mode 100644 although the filemode is set to false:

        filemode = false

    According to egit there are no changes. I can commit from msysgit, but that makes egit think there are changes, and committing amend from egit exits with

    ‘Committing changes’ has encountered a problem. An internal error
    No changes.

    I don’t understand this mess, since filemode is clearly set to false…

    I don’t care about filemodes but want to use egit and msysgit.
    How do i get out of this trap?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git and egit conflict about file mode 10064 although filemode is set to false”

    Somehow i was able to get rid of this problem by repeatedly amend commiting from both git-gui and eclipse egit. I also staged the unstaged file mode changes before making such commits.

    Sorry, i can’t make this answer more satisficing. Hope this helps someone.

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