Getting all branches with JGit

How can I get all branches in a repository with JGit?
Let’s take an example repository. As we can see, it has 5 branches.
Here I found this example:

int c = 0;
List<Ref> call = new Git(repository).branchList().call();
for (Ref ref : call) {
    System.out.println("Branch: " + ref + " " + ref.getName() + " "
            + ref.getObjectId().getName());
System.out.println("Number of branches: " + c);

But all I get is this:

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  • Branch: Ref[refs/heads/master=d766675da9e6bf72f09f320a92b48fa529ffefdc] refs/heads/master d766675da9e6bf72f09f320a92b48fa529ffefdc
    Number of branches: 1
    Branch: master

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Getting all branches with JGit”

    If it is the remote branches that you are missing, you have to set the ListMode of the ListBranchCommand to ALL or REMOTE. The default ListMode (null) returns only local branches.

    new Git( repository ).branchList().setListMode( ListMode.ALL ).call();
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