Get user events with Github API and Octokit

I’m trying to make a simple call to retrieve user events on github through octokit.

According to the docs I create new client and visit the user events endpoint.

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  • client = my_token)
    user = client.user

    Up to here it works fine, now I continue with

    events =
    => nil

    Alternatively, when I do

    client = my_token, api_endpoint: 'users/:user/events')

    I get


    but how to get list of events from there?
    Here is the official doc

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    I think what you want is

    client = my_token)
    user = client.user
    events = client.user_events user.login

    It isn’t exactly intuitive and I had to read the source. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet but there doesn’t appear to be a better way.

    You have a typo:

    client = Octokit::Client::new(access_token: my_token)

    Should be:

    client = my_token)
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