Get the commits made by specific authors (more than one)

If I want to get Alice‘s commits I use git log --author 'Alice'. But what if I want to include there Bob‘s commits as well?

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  • git log --author 'Alice|Bob'
    git log --author 'Alice,Bob'

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Get the commits made by specific authors (more than one)”

    Try it with the same argument multiple times:

    git log --author 'alice' --author 'bob'

    If Git is compiled with the right flags (USE_LIBPCRE) you can pass the option --perl-regexp so the pattern for search is interpreted as a regular expression:

    git log --perl-regexp --author 'alice|bob' 

    …Found more:
    Git interprets all patterns in the options as regex. Only if you want to use Perl compatible regex you need the option --perl-regexp.
    But if you want to use normal regex, you have to escape the “or”:

    git log --author 'alice\|bob' 
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