Get git branch name in Jenkins Jenkinsfile

I’ve create a jenkins pipeline and it is pulling the pipeline script from scm.
I set the branch specifier to ‘all‘, so it builds on any change to any branch.

How do I access the branch name causing this build from the Jenkinsfile?

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    sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD').trim()

    which is always master.

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    If you have a jenkinsfile for your pipeline, check if you see at execution time your branch name in your environment variables.

    You can print them with:

    pipeline {
        agent any
        environment {
            DISABLE_AUTH = 'true'
            DB_ENGINE    = 'sqlite'
        stages {
            stage('Build') {
                steps {
                    sh 'printenv'

    However, PR 91 shows that the branch name is only set in certain pipeline configurations:

    • Branch Conditional (see this groovy script)
    • parallel branches pipeline (as seen by the OP)

    A colleague told me to use scm.branches[0].name and it worked. I wrapped it to a function in my Jenkinsfile:

    def getGitBranchName() {
        return scm.branches[0].name

    Switching to a multibranch pipeline allowed me to access the branch name. A regular pipeline was not advised.

    Use multibranch pipeline.. not pipeline

    In my script..

    stage('Build') {
        node {
            echo 'Pulling...' + env.BRANCH_NAME
            checkout scm


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