Get commit list between tags in git

If I’ve a git repository with tags representing the versions of the releases.

How can I get the list of the commits between two tags (with a pretty format if is possible) ?

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  • 5 Solutions collect form web for “Get commit list between tags in git”

    git log --pretty=oneline tagA...tagB (i.e. three dots)

    If you just wanted commits reachable from tagB but not tagA:

    git log --pretty=oneline tagA..tagB (i.e. two dots)


    git log --pretty=oneline ^tagA tagB

    git log takes a range of commits as an argument:

    git log --pretty=[your_choice] tag1..tag2

    See the man page for git rev-parse for more info.

    To compare between latest commit of current branch and a tag:

    git log --pretty=oneline head...tag

    To style the output to your preferred pretty format, see the man page for git-log.


    git log --pretty=format:"%h; author: %cn; date: %ci; subject:%s" tagA...tagB


    git log tagA...tagB

    provides standard log output in a range.

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